Differences between Philippines and Australia – Part 2


Hello all.

Something a bit different once again, just like last week. And it’s still not easy to get a clear perspective on the real differences between life in Australia and life in Philippines. This time it’s about moving from Australia to Philippines. Most of us haven’t really experienced the depths of both societies, having just visited and often been romantically involved rather than practically involved. I’ve been visiting since the ‘90’s, and have been here full time for over 6 years at this particular time, and life is ever-practical for the Harvies. I live in a nice estate surrounded by English-speakers. I never go to the markets and I don’t ride in tricycles. I’m no doubt a better-qualified observer than most, but my daughter Remy has been out and about in Filipino society more than this white fellah has.


Moving from Australia to Philippines - Observations from a young Filipina

Moving from Australia to Philippines again

My daughter Remy came to Australia when she was 9 year old. She attended primary school and high school in QLD for 4 ½ years. She was off the plane and into a classroom with Aussie kids within a matter days, and had to learn to cope with a whole lot of differences. And then we moved back here when she just turned 13.

Two things in this series.

Last week I interviewed her (Remy) on camera about the move to Australia from Philippines. You can watch the video HERE.

Second? The second video will be about moving back here to the Philippines  from Australia as we did when she was 13 years old. Yes, we all bundled up and moved here in 2010, and have been here ever since. Those who’ve dealt with Registered Migration Agents Down Under Visa would know this already. Remy, after being in an Australian home and family and attending Australian schools, went back with us and was back in school in the Philippines and had to re-adjust all over again. This gives her a very unique perspective on Filipino life through Aussie-fied eyes.

So please watch the video, as I won’t be transcribing it all here.



I think the lesson for all here is that family is what matters. Being in Australia or being in Philippines, as long as your basic needs are met, shouldn’t really matter as long as you are with those that you love. You might love Australia or the Philippines very much, but as long as you are with those who love you and whom you love, it doesn’t really matter. This applies whether it’s a child or a fiancee or wife or de facto partner. You should be together. That’s how the world works.

Hope you enjoyed the video, and most of all I hope you enjoy and appreciate being with those that you love. And if you’re still working on this? Stop worrying. Work on being together, and you will be fine!





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