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Down Under Visa is a migration agency run by Registered Migration Agent Jeff Harvie (MARN 0959797) and his Filipina wife Mila. They have offices in Manila as well as in Brisbane. They alternate their time between Australia and Philippines, but spend most of their time in Philippines where they live with their three daughters. They have extensive experience in the Filipino culture, and have a passion for helping couples get together and enjoy the same level of happiness, contentment and stability that they have.

They provide the following services:


Visa Consultancy


Preparing and submitting visa applications

What they do is to:

♦ advise on an effective strategy (based on Australian immigration law),

♦ explain all your requirements (documents, records, proof of relationship, etc),

♦ check that your visa requirements are correct,

♦ prepare the applicant for what they need to say (and what not to say) at an Embassy interview (where applicable)

♦ prepare your visa application in a professional manner that the Department considers “decision ready”, and

♦ submit the application.

♦ Includes monitoring the progress of the application until the visa is granted
They can also supply you both with a 210 page e-book loaded with invaluable information on dealing with a cross-cultural marriage to a Filipina lady. There are also umpteen support documents and a client page on the website supplied as part of the service package full of information to help with the application process.

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