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  The Philippines is a poor country. To most Filipinos, you as an Australian will be…..or at least appear….to be very rich! So you will always have people wanting to borrow money from you. Sometimes they are sincere, and other …

Loaning money in the Philippines – The pitfalls Read More »

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  The Philippines has a national language, known as Filipino….or Pilipino. It was apparently meant to be a mixture of Manila-Tagalog enriched with words from other dialects, but this never happened. Filipino is Tagalog…..pure and simple. And given that this …

Filipino local dialects – The languages of the provinces Read More »

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  There are double standards in every facet of life and every society; the Philippines and the Fil-Aus (Fil-Am, Fil-Brit etc) community is no exception. These double standards exist and there is little any of us can do to change …

The Double Standard – Filipino or Foreigner Read More »

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