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  The Philippines is a poor country. To most Filipinos, you as an Australian will be…..or at least appear….to be very rich! So you will always have people wanting to borrow money from you. Sometimes they are sincere, and other …

Loaning money in the Philippines – The pitfalls Read More »

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  This is an area where old-school Australians and Filipinos are very much on the same page. We have different terminology, but it all comes down to much the same. A decent Aussie doesn’t forget when he owes someone, whether …

Utang Na Loob and Hiya – Filipinos NOT being mugs Read More »

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  Any foreigner, commonly referred to as a ‘kano’, as in ‘Amerikano’ but also just as easily ‘Australikano’, who has had anything to do with Filipinos and especially Filipinas will know that they often tell very implausible stories. In fact, …

Getting The Story Straight – Straight Talking and Filipinos Read More »

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