Religious Issues

The Philippines is a religious country. The population is 80 – 85% Catholic. And apart from generally remote Muslim population groups, most of the others are Christian of some persuasion or another. It’s probably the most Christian country on earth, in other words. Christianity and things-religious are part and parcel of the country and the culture. It’s not just a thing that’s done on Sunday. Even state schools have religion incorporated. Therefore, the Christian Faith, and most likely the Catholic Christian Faith is most likely going to be a big part of your girl’s life, and will be very close to her heart.

If you happen to be not religious, then you will find she will be OK about it….as long as you lead a fairly moral existence. Mind you, I’m referring more to Catholics who are fairly tolerant. Some of the girls belonging to the other Christian religions may expect you to be part of their Church, but you will know this in advance most likely. If you make fun of her Faith and her religion, you will hurt her. Teasing and poking fun at her, her practices, her books, her crucifixes and statues, or her going to Church….you will hurt her.

You will find she will take wonderful care of you, and will be very supportive of you and the things that matter to you. Showing patience and support and understanding of her religious beliefs will be an excellent way of paying her back for some of this support. If you can drive her to and from the Church, this would be a very good thing. If you can even attend at Easter and Christmas, this will be better still. Catholic Churches particularly are very understanding of those who come along just to make family members happy, and no one will pounce on you and try to “convert you”, rest assured. Just show respect when you are in the Church, and do not actively participate in the receiving of the Sacraments if you are not Catholic yourself.

If you DO happen to be a religious man yourself, then all the better. However, if you are of a different religion, do not try to “convert” her either!


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