COVID, quarantines, and patiently waiting – Australian Filipina couple

The long wait during COVID – How to cope and make it easier


Australian Filipina couple waiting and coping during COVID travel bans and Australian quarantines

Jake and Rose


Jake was inspired by the last article on FilipinaWives about Australian Filipina couples kept apart during COVID and the border lockdowns and travel bans in Australia and in Philippines.

Was he also deathly bored staring at hotel room walls all day and all night? I have no doubt at all! He’s stuck in a Brisbane hotel undergoing 2 weeks Australian quarantine so he has some time on his hands. But he was also tremendously kind to share his thoughts and some down-to-earth Aussie wisdom as to how to cope with this struggle and to get out of it at the other end as stronger people with a stronger relationship.

Please enjoy…….



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